Mental Health issues can affect anyone. In fact, the range of problems we are asked to help with is endless.

Over the years, Broudie Jackson Canter's Mental Health department has gained a great deal of expertise in helping those who lack the capacity to act for themselves and who need the services of an independent advocate.

Whatever the mental health problems you may have, you can rest assured that you will benefit from a first class professional service. One that not only understands your problems, but is also sympathetic towards them.

Q. What does the Mental Health department do?

Put simply, Broudie Jackson Canter's Mental Health department represents those who are detained under the Mental Health Act or who have other mental health related issues. Since 1987, we have had the advantage of having a number of specialist advisors accredited to the Law Society Mental Health Review Tribunal Panel.

Q. What problems can you help me with?

We can help people in hospital. We can help people in the community who are not being provided a service. We can help families who have difficulties caring for or coping with those who have mental health problems.

Q. Who do you act for?

A wide variety of people from all ethnic backgrounds. We act for people whose rights are abused or removed whilst in hospital. We have obtained compensation for those wrongly detained. We have acted in a case which has ensured that the rights of same sex partners are not overridden by the Mental Health Act. We are increasingly involved in cases concerning issues under the Human Rights Act. The facts speak for themselves: one in four people is likely to suffer from some kind of mental health difficulty in their lives. We are here to help.

Q. How much will it cost me?

Anyone detained under the Mental Health Act is automatically entitled to be represented at a Tribunal free of charge. In all other cases, we will tell you you if you qualify for Legal Aid when you first come to see us. If you do not qualify, we will tell you how much we expect your case to cost.

Q. What if English is not my first language?

We can provide an interpreter for most languages. Please tell us that you need this service when you first contact us.

Q. What if I have hearing difficulties?

We can arrange for a sign language interpretor to help. Please give us plenty of notice to arrange for this service.

Q. How can you help?

Our Mental Health department is based at the Dale Street office in Liverpool. We can attend people in hospital and even arrange home visits if necessary. We work on cases throughout the North West of England.

Q. Who is in the department?

Chris Topping (Partner, MHRT Panel Member & Head of Department)
Michael Davis (Mental Health Advisor & MHRT Panel Member)
Sara Kelsall