Many of our greatest citizens arrived in these shores seeking refuge from persecution in other lands.  As a nation we are proud of our record of giving refuge to those seeking asylum in the UK. The Geneva Convention of 1951 created rights for refugees and the UK as a signatory to that convention has to ensure that it is properly applied in our legal system.

Sadly persecution is still a fact of life for many and every year new refugees arrive in the UK.  Asylum Seekers do not always get a good press.  However Broudie Jackson Canter is not ashamed of the work that it does to ensure that those seeking asylum get the best representation they can in very difficult circumstances.

We deal with more than 1250 cases a year largely funded by the Legal Aid Agency. We work sympathetically with asylum seekers to ensure that they feel at ease and can present their often harrowing stories to the authorities backed up with the best possible evidence often through the medium of interpreters who are known to us and trusted.

Why use Broudie Jackson Canter?

We have a large and experienced team all accredited by the Law Society to give publicly funded advice in this field of work.

We have a wide range of experience of human rights and detention work

We have a reputation for integrity and professionalism so important in this work

We have two offices that are based in the heart of the City of Livepool where a great deal of Border and Immigration Agency (BIA)  resources are based to deal with this work, and also the heart of Manchester, a stones throw from Piccadilly station.

How we can help:-

  • We present cases to the BIA and advise about the Interview process
  • We present appeals to the Tribunal if asylum is turned down
  • We apply to the High Court in detention and deportation cases
  • We fully explore all Human Right aspects of each case

Use a law firm with huge expertise in this difficult area of law.

Get in touch-

Liverpool - Call 0151 282 1961 or email 

Manchester - Call 0161 468 1234 or email