An inquiry by The Times found that there are currently 156 allegations of sexual misconduct being investigated by forces across England, Wales and Scotland.

The investigation by The Times also found that more than 400 complaints were made by members of the public over the course of the last five years. These allegations include rape, sexual assault and harassment, committed in a number of locations including targeting of some complainants whilst they were at Police stations.

This investigation also found that the IPCC received almost 200 referrals from forces relating to the abuse of position for sexual gain by officers during a two and a half year period.

The investigation discovered that some forces imposed minor penalties on officers following investigations into allegations made against them. A few of these lenient penalties meant some kept their positions as Police officers.

However, other cases of officers targeting complainants for sexual purposes have resulted in convictions being secured. This is illustrated by the recent convictions for Misconduct in Public Office that have been secured against Officers from Merseyside Police - David Gibson and Michael McMillan.

The numbers of complaints are shocking in themselves. What makes matters worse is the apparent lack of a co-ordinated and rigorous strategy to ensure that such officers do not continue to abuse their position and take advantage of some of the most vulnerable members of society.

We have been involved in a lot of cases involving such officers and are committed to ensuring that such cases are pursued to the appropriate conclusion.

This may mean challenging the decision of the Force not to impose appropriate penalties upon these Officers.

It may mean  pursuing civil action against Police forces for the actions of these officers. This can go someway to  repair  the damage and injury caused by these officers and seek accountability of their actions.

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